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Pediatric Dental Fillings Brentwood TN

What to Do if Your Child’s Filling Falls Out

Whether it happens when your child is eating, flossing or brushing their teeth, suddenly losing a filling can be somewhat traumatic, to say the least. Not only is it a strange feeling to be missing part of your tooth, but you can also experience tooth sensitivity and/or a good deal of pain after the tooth is exposed. As a future... read more »

Pediatric Dental Care Brentwood TN

Pediatric Dentistry – Facts to Consider

Pediatric Dentistry - Facts to Consider Did you know that babies' teeth start to develop before they're even born?  However, the baby teeth are not visible until they're at least 6 months old.  As the infant matures, more teeth will develop until the child has a full set of baby teeth (typically around the age of 3). Within a few... read more »