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Dental Emergencies in Brentwood, TN

Dental emergencies can spring up at any time – from chipped teeth to a sudden toothache. When you need immediate care, our Brentwood, TN emergency dentist at Wesley Dentistry is ready to treat your dental emergency at our Brentwood, TN dental office. Dr. Wesley is equipped to handle all types of emergency dental care so if you are in need of urgent dental care, it is important to contact us at the first sign of complications.

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Emergencies Can Include

  • Providing root canal endodontic treatments
  • Placing fillings
  • Providing pain relief caused by sore gums or a toothache
  • Repairing extensive dental damage or injury, from cracks to displaced teeth

Should you experience these symptoms, quickly contact Wesley Dentistry. Our dentist and his team will get you in as soon as possible and our office will also provide you with essential tips and instructions. With their direction, we can provide you with relief and prevent further damage, before you even step into our office.

Trust Wesley Dentistry for Emergency Dental Services in Brentwood, TN

We understand that after hours dental emergencies can and do happen, so we try to make sure we are accessible at all times. On the rare occasion that you cannot reach one of our staff in an emergency situation, we recommend you proceed immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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